Vimal Mollyn

Hi! I'm a PhD student at the Future Interfaces Group at Carnegie Mellon University, where I am advised by Dr. Chris Harrison.

I'm super interested in creating novel ways for users to interact with the world, using my background in machine learning and sensing. Check out my research!

Previously, I graduated with a bachelor's and master's from IIT Madras, where I majored in Engineering Design and Data Science.


28/10/23: In San Francisco for UIST! Presenting SmartPoser!
07/10/23: In Cancun for Ubicomp! Presenting Prism-Tracker!
18/08/23: Wrapping up summer at Apple. Fun iContest!
15/04/23: I'll be starting my Ph.D. at the CMU HCII later this Fall! Fun times ahead!
03/04/23: IMUPoser gets an Honorable Mention Award at CHI'23 (Top 5%)!
13/01/23: IMUPoser is accepted to CHI'23, see you in Hamburg!
18/11/22: Pose-on-the-go goes live on the iOS App Store! Get it here.
15/11/22: Guest lecture for Machine Learning and Sensing @CMU. First time teaching a class!
30/10/22: In Bend for UIST! Presenting a Lightning Talk.
28/08/22: SAMoSA is accepted to Ubicomp'22, see you in Atlanta!