SSHFS rules!

I often find myself having to transfer files between a remote server and my laptop. Just use scp or Transmit right? Wrong. Use sshfs and mount a remote drive locally!


💡 If you’re on an Apple Silicon Mac view my M1 Mac install instructions here.

Download and install macFUSE and sshfs from


Create a mount point. A mount point is just a folder that will be used to mount your remote drive. Make sure it’s empty and remember it’s path.

mkdir -p ~/mnt/remote_drive

Use sshfs to mount your drive to this mount point.

sshfs -o allow_other user@ipadress:path/to/remote/drive ~/mnt/remote_drive

You will then be asked to enter your credentials (if you haven’t set up ssh keys)

You should now see your remote directory’s files in ~/mnt/remote_drive. Yay!

When you’re done, make sure to unmount the drive.

umount ~/mnt/remote_drive